Sales Cloud Implementation for Community College District

About This Project

The client operates unique and diverse colleges/units/facilities. They have got licenses of Salesforce for Non-Profit a long time ago but no user adoption. The system had never been set up by Salesforce partner.
The Challenge

CRM needs to be setup for different departments. Communication and coordination among team members were done via Outlook only. Management was concerned about the user roles and permissions to view and edit records since 3 departments are planning to use Salesforce.

  • Business Outreach Team needs Salesforce configuration and set up for lead management, activity management, opportunity management such as grants and projects.
  • Theater Center needs to track events, ticket sales, volunteers, and donations.
  • Conference Center needs to track opportunities such as rental and trainings.

Solunus Solutions

As a Salesforce implementation partner, Solunus customized Salesforce out-of-the-box Sales Cloud functionalities and workflow automation to help 3 departments of the community college district use Sales Cloud effectively.

  • Set up user profile, hierarchy, and sharing rules
  • Created 2 Visualforce web-to-lead forms
  • Created email templates for lead assignment rules, auto-response rules, and to prospects
  • Set up a completely unique sales process for all 3 departments
  • Created a dynamic list of available rooms based on selected campus - room rental fee is automatically calculated
  • Created custom templates for generating invoices, contracts and agreements (in pdf format) for all 3 departments
  • Installed and configured app for events, rentals, and tickets
  • Installed and configured app for volunteer management
  • Provided user adoption training

Business Impact

  • Business Outreach Team enjoys the full benefits of Salesforce from lead nurturing to opportunity management. Team members can work together better eliminating 80% of paper work. The management can now see the reports on opportunity for all grants and projects.
  • Theater Center can now track all the volunteers and donors on Salesforce. By utilizing household feature of Salesforce for Non-Profit, the management can track the tickets Sales and volunteer hours on both contact level and household level.
  • Prior to using Salesforce, Conference Center can't track any expected revenue and realized revenue. Now they can accurately track income and profit from rental, catering and training.

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